Sensational announcement by Chinese astronomers

Chinese astronomers at Beijing Normal University have announced that they have intercepted radio signals generated by alien technology.

Fast radio telescope

Chinese astronomers have announced that the mysteries have been intercepted Radio signals A. may have produced Alien civilization Technologically advanced. In other words, they may have discovered their existence aliens. The sensational announcement was released by Report It was published in the Science and Technology Daily and then mysteriously removed, after the news began to spread virally on the Chinese social networking site Weibo and the first newspapers. Of course, there is no guarantee that these radio signals were actually created by intelligent aliens, in fact the probability that this is a question is very high. Interruption Connected to human devices (as has happened in the past), however the characteristics of these radio waves and the instrument used to intercept them are very exciting and need to be explored.

There was a research team to announce the discovery of radio signals that could be generated by aliens China Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Group In the field of astronomy at Peking Ordinary University. Astronomers, coordinated by Professor Zhang Tongjie, “discovered them by analyzing data from.Chinese celestial eye”, A giant Radio telescope It is 500 meters in diameter and is located in the mountains of Guizhou Province in southern China. Completed in 2016, It is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the worldIt has crossed the lament Arecibo Radio TelescopeDestroyed by an earthquake in 2020 and known to the general public for sending the famous message to Hercules Cluster with the intention of “presenting”.Humanity To potential extraterrestrial civilizations. It is no coincidence that a similar project was planned (The Beacon on the Galaxy or BITG) Using a Chinese radio telescopeAlso known as FastSummary of the five hundred meter aperture telescope.

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But what is so special about radio signals intercepted by Chinese astronomers? First, three have been identified, two in 2019 (analyzed in 2020) and this year, perhaps the most interesting, comes from one area. Deep sky In the presence of Extraterrestrials (Extraterrestrials). Professor Tongji noted Science and technology dailyabout that Electromagnetic signals Short bandHence “potential technological traces from outside the Earth and extraterrestrial civilizations”. Since short band signals are very rarely generated, Sibyl’s characteristic is precisely in the band. Natural phenomena. So it is likely to be the source Artificial Also, since they come from deep space, it cannot be ruled out that they may have been created precisely by intelligent aliens. After all, According to a recent study by the University of NewcastleOnly in our galaxy (The Milky Way) Should at least count 36 Intelligent Alien Civilizations.

The problem with these signals, however, is that they may not actually come from deep; It may be really simple Interruption By human instrument. Suffice it to say that similar signals were thought to have been captured in 2011 and 2014. Alien lookSciencealert recalls that they came Microwave oven The researchers used it to cook food. Therefore, before coming to hasty conclusions, Chinese scientists must clean up the signals from any potential source of disturbance, and only at the end of a long work can the origin and potential source be determined with certainty. Because the Fast is three times more sensitive in narrow bands than the Arecibo radio telescope, the chances of capturing potential alien signals are greatly increased, but there is also a risk of intercepting anthropological sources. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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