Sentenced six (6) people this Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, the Dakar Glaring Crimes Court will hear the issue of devices containing alcohol (6 marks). In this case, the judge will face six (6) individuals, including the Lebanese commercial agent Hossam Khalil and Silvi Dasilva, who introduced some of the traders.

A lot of ink and saliva spilled onto the box. These devices were discovered by a Rufisque-founded mother who saw the change in her children between the ages of 6 and 7, who became very anxious, and the devices were the subject of an investigation.

Investigations by Rovesk police allowed two groups of people to be arrested. The first consisted of two individuals: Ali Khalil, a Lebanese merchant, and Terno Amadou Diallo, born in Guinea Conakry. They have sued for withholding products without invoices, the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages, deception about quality and the illegal import of food products.

The second group, comprising 4 individuals, Hussein Khalil, a Lebanese commercial agent, Sylvie Da Silva, a commercial agent born in Dakar, Ahmed Hussein Aidara Karray, a Mauritanian merchant, and Mamadou Ba, a shopkeeper, are accused of smuggling and endangering life. Others, among other grievances.

As a reminder, the analyzes conducted on these products were fraudulently arrived at without supervision, and showed the presence of six (6) degrees of alcohol, according to the Director of Internal Trade, which are based on the analyzes conducted in his laboratories. Building.

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