Separates Apple from controversial Antonio García Martinez 🆕

Update 13/05, 4 a.m. – Well, it won’t be late: in the face of protest from many of its employees, Apple has simply decided to split from Antonio Garcia Martinez, who was hired at the start of the week to join the team responsible for advertising in the App Store and Apple News.

« At Apple, we’ve always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace that everyone is respected and accepted. », The manufacturer announced to the American press. ” There is no place here for behavior that demeans or discriminates against people This story highlights the shortcomings of Apple’s hiring process. However, the process does involve a background check and many interviews.

Original article, 5/12 – The The last conscription of Antonio Garcia Martinez Doesn’t pass with some Apple employees. Several of them have petitioned to demand an investigation into his appointment, according to reports the edge. The problem is not that he is a former Facebook employee – the open conflict between the two companies is not very drastic – rather he made comments that were deemed to be contrary to Apple’s values.

Petitioners refer to dozens of excerpts from Anarchy monkeysThe autobiography of Antonio García Martinez, released in 2016, made a lot of noise at the time, because it paints an acidic picture of Silicon Valley and many of the statements were already controversial. Most of the women are in the Gulf region [la région de San Francisco, ndr] They are cute, brittle, spoiled, and gullible despite their claims of mundane, and generally full of disgust., Writes for example a former Facebook product manager in the advertising sector.

In a 2016 article dedicated to this book, Gizmodo He indicated that Antonio Garcia Martinez was happy to describe the hoaxes that were happening on Facebook and elsewhere, but that he himself was guilty of misconduct. The journalist noted that the fire was filled with homophobia and misogyny.

The controversial statements made by Antonio García Martinez contradict Apple’s commitments to inclusion and diversity, the petitioners (number unknown) say to the officials responsible for these issues. Employees are calling for an investigation to determine how these comments were ignored during the hiring phase, along with measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. They are not calling for the sacking of Antonio García Martínez, but they are demanding that he be deprived, at least, of power in hiring decisions.

Apple has not commented on the situation for the time being.

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