SFR Premium Package to Save Money

Save moneyWe all love her! And the SFR He understood this well by submitting a file The package consists of an internet box and an 80GB 4G mobile phone package. Thanks to this great business process, internet + mobile subscription formulas only cost you 28 EUR In month ! Here’s everything you need to know to take advantage of it good plan.

Internet Package and Mobile Plan: The Right Plan from SFR

Let’s go to achieve each month of Big savings on your Various mobile and internet subscriptions ! SFR offers you the ability to combine these two offers at the same time package thus enjoy a Monthly discount. Take a look at this good plan from the launcher in the red box: SFR . Box Fiber + 80 . mobile plan Gigabyte of 4G at only 28 euros per month!

What does this package including internet box and mobile plan include?

Interested in this SFR offer? Here’s what it includes package.

at the level of Internet boxyou will enjoy fiber-optic connection with a Speed ​​up to 500MB/s up and down. In terms of telephony, you can Call at will To landlines in France and more than 100 destinations. Regarding the TV show, 160 TV channels and services Included in this cheap box. You will also enjoy Storage space up to 10 GB To store and share your photos, videos, and content.

For the mobile offer, each month you will benefit from an envelope 80 GB mobile internet On SFR’s 4G network (Speed ​​Reduced Thereafter). This promotional subscription includes Unlimited calls, unlimited texts From France to all landlines and mobiles in France and overseas departments. The MMS It is also unlimited in the capital of France. to me abroad (Europe, Dome, Switzerland and Andorra) You can call your loved ones without counting through calls, SMS, MMS and worry-free use of your mobile data.

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