She won half a million euros with a scratch game, the tobacco seller runs away with the winning ticket

In Italy, a woman who came to check the amount of her earnings from the tobacco seller from whom she bought the winning ticket, in the amount of 500 thousand euros, was subjected to the same tobacco seller.

The temptation must be too great. In Naples, Italy, when his client returned with a winning ticket of €500,000, the tobacco seller ran away with the jackpot.

italian press, Quoted from the French media It states that the unfortunate woman quickly filed a complaint against the tobacco seller from whom she had just bought two scratch cards. The game winnings purchased in this Neapolitan establishment were quickly frozen, and the tobacco seller was arrested at the airport in Rome.

He wanted to go to the Canaries

On Monday, September 6, the police said he was preparing to travel to the Canary Islands, while the reported incidents date back only a few days. Meanwhile, the tobacco seller deposited the ticket in a city between Rome and Naples, hoping to cash in on the winnings once the case was settled.

The Parisian even reported that he was going to try to turn the situation in his favor, since he had once raised the possibility of filing a complaint against his client. The prosecution finally preferred the first copy, the one submitted by the complainant, and opened an investigation into a case of aggravated theft against the tobacco seller.

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