Shredders: Xbox Series X gameplay video | S and PC Snowboarding Game XBox One

In July 2020, Shredders was revealed during the Xbox Game Show and we’ve been following the project closely since then. If we’ve had a few teasers over the course of the year, a new preview of the game was released during last Sunday’s Xbox conference.

Today, the studio chose to showcase the Xbox Game Showcase Extended to introduce their kid in more detail with some gameplay sequences and details about the project.

Worthy of Ambed’s successor?

As we have already learned, the game will offer realistic gameplay that is greatly influenced by licenses such as Amped and The Snowboard Game. The stick will be used to control the board, passenger and trailer below in particular detailing how to perform tricks as well as mechanics for performing turns and other reversals.

A solo segment will be present with narrative elements about our character who is a young racer trying to make a name for himself. Through the videos we will notice before the real fun begins. Various licensed brands will be introduced and many more details will be discovered as the game’s release approaches.

As a reminder, Shredder will be available on December 7th as a temporary exclusive to Xbox Series X | S and PC. It will be available directly on Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release.

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