Silco in TFT: Riot Announces First Exclusive Champion

Silco from Arcane becomes the first exclusive TFT screen hero! Source: Riot Games

Today, Wednesday night, Riot Games announced the debut of an exclusive champion in Teamfight Tactics! Accordingly, the character “Silco”, known from the new Netflix animated series Arcane by Riot Games, will apply in Auto Battle.

In the past, Riot Games always took the Teamfight Tactics champions from League of Legends and incorporated them into the game as soon as possible with MOBA. That will change for the first time with the upcoming 6.5 mid-range update. While there is no trace of Silco in League of Legends (and there won’t be to update the middle TFT set of machines and devices), you can definitely plan the ruler of the lower city for your TFT armies in the future.

As Riot Games clarified in the context of the announcement that the implementation of Silco als TFT Champion I faced special challenges. Accordingly, you don’t have a LoL hero model, which you can use to guide in terms of skills, animations, and engagement. They are glad that they started to realize the idea so early on, that they could share the first material with the community at an early stage.

You can even watch the first video:

However, it is asked to keep in mind that this is the content of the work in progress, which accordingly will continue to develop and change until it is completed. While they are currently not ready to talk about Silco’s skills in TFT, he now promised that he would be the real mastermind in the fight.

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More alien heroes on the march?

The current ad’s author, Rodger ‘MinionsRpeople2’ Caudill, Communications Specialist and TFT Writer at Riot Games, said very interesting details at the end of the article.

While Silco will be the first unit not taken from League of Legends to appear in Teamfight Tactics, other foreign characters may be added in the future. He even talks about potential additions to the collection of units that don’t even come from the world of Runeterra, where he plays TFT, Arcane, LoL, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and Co.

Whether this refers to characters from other Riot Games projects like VALORANT or even heroes and heroes from other developers and publishers remains completely open at this point. So it’s possible that a Sage, Omen or Jett, for example, will appear in one of the following groups at some point.

Want characters from other TFT games or franchises?

Want characters from other TFT games or franchises?x

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