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The Live Caption feature was introduced in 2019 by Google with its first availability on Pixel smartphones when Android 10 was released, before getting other Android smartphone models.

Google announced this week that Live Caption is publishing the latest version of the Chrome browser on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Later on, Chrome OS will also be affected.

Only for English currently

Live Caption is an accessibility feature. Its purpose is to provide instant, auto-generated captions for audio and video content. However, this is only limited to the English language at this time.

After activation in Accessibility Settings in Chrome (chrome: // settings / accessibility), the browser downloads speech recognition files. From now on, it will be playing an audio or video file in Chrome with subtitles.

The activation / deactivation can also be done from the Chrome Multimedia Control which is the note button, in the upper-right corner of the address bar.

These instant captions are created in Chrome on the device and on Google Highlighted The possibility of operating without an Internet connection.

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