Sledgehammer Games may have teased COD 2021 on Twitter

Will Sledkhammer Games come next? A new teaser on Twitter keeps fans excited about the developer’s next project.

Black Ops is a chaotic project to create the Cold War. Followers of Call of Duty will be the first to know that the 2020 COD title was first created by Sledgehammer Games.

But following internal conflicts within the organization, Activision decided to take charge of Troy instead. This left Slateckhammer games one of the side developers of Call of Duty, with the exception of Raven software.

Now, fans are hoping that Sledgehammer Games will come back to the driving seat and generate COD 2021 or 2022 already.

Is Slateckhammer Games Creating Call of Duty 2021?

While many believe that Slateckhammer games are moving away from the Call of Duty cycle, this is not quite true. After all, by 2020, CEO Andy Wilson says Sledhammer Games has actually hired more than 150 new employees.

What’s more, the latest tease may have dropped this New Year. Celebrating the end of 2020, the official Sledgehammer Games Twitter posted the following message:

“Power off. Power on. Let’s try this again. Happy New Year!”

Many fans quickly jumped on the hype train, confirming the news that Slateckhammer will continue to develop COD naturally.

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Some fans even call it a sequel to past titles of Slidehammer games. It remains to be seen whether the developer will work on Advanced Warfare 2, another World War title or a new series.

And what’s more, it’s always possible Sledgehammer game Rather than announcing a return to the ring, it was meant to be a better way to repair broken games. But we have a suspicion that this big hiring wave company is back in business.

Will the next call of duty be Modern War 2?

Recently, we saw various rumors that the next Call of Duty will be the modern Warfare 2. This includes Warson’s final cut screen, which directly teases modern Warfare 2.

New leaks also suggest that Modern Warfare 2 is set to release in 2021, With 2 years growth time from Infinity Ward. If this is proven, Sledckhammer Games may run on the 2022 release.

Since the Call of Duty course takes more than a year to build, we hope this will prove to be the case. By combining existing assets and starting with less content, Black Ops is not ready for Cold War release.

Right now, with the Season 1 mid-season update, we are starting to get the kind of content that players should expect from the new call rule. In spite of everything, a The new Zombies map will not be released until Cold War Season 2.

Speaking of Sledkhammer games, Players at the Black Ops Cold War and Warson can now get the real Sledgehammer. Despite the remarkable time, we can imagine that this is not a joke for the Sledgehammer games that make up COD 2021.

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