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SlikeR in a shot taken from YouTube

Streamer SlickR, Partner Traction It relates to different topics, that is Prohibited Get it from NoPixel’s GTA RP server Harassed the soldiers.

Nobixel’s GTA RP Server (Roll Play Ed) is one of the most well-maintained, especially after the 3.0 update which added a ton of features. This is one of those people Rules As streamer Greekcots have already experienced, the more severe, the more harassment is banned. So SlikeR is only the latest to be affected by their use.

As Goebel, the owner of Nobixel, describes the problem is not only the attempt to approach the girls, but the overall attitude of the streamer who caused it. So ban “For a woman she is hot or not much about beating her. The problem is, his every attempt at role-play (in SlikeR ndr) It went in the same direction. The painting is about a woman walking down a street with her character and screaming at her twenty times in ten minutes. This is an ugly way to roll play, it is useless.

SlikeR finally accepted the ban Apologized For his behavior, however, he wanted to point out that he was not a sexual abuser and that he did not want to make women feel ashamed:When I reconsidered the situation, I realized that I had acted too much and that my behavior had given me a completely different feeling. I apologize for what I did and then said.

SlikeR also apologized for some comments LGBTQ community, Unjustly accusing him of leading to his ban. He intended to attack the Social Justice Warriors, but he must have been confused in anger.

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