Smartphones in garbage trucks to get to know the mobile network better

To know better Actual coverage of mobile networksMixed union digital handle It has been conducting a measurement campaign since spring 2021. The first map of the circuit will be revealed in the coming days.

the device ? Two tech bags and two backpacks each 11 smartphones, either device For each of the four telephone operators (Bouygues, SFR, Orange and Free) and for Technology (2G, 3G, 4G)Note that there is no free 2G.

These are consumer phones. We have installed an application that records the level of the received signal and GPS coordinates and sends everything to the server, explains Vincent Fillion, project manager at Manche Numérique.

Take advantage of garbage truck tours to take these measurements

These bags Included in vehicles.The Highway Patrol Officers of the county council has one. We also put some in garbage trucks From Coutances Mer et Bocage in May and June and from Villdieu Intercom“.

Two backpacks are also equipped because measurements are also taken in places where vehicles do not pass like Coastal paths and hiking trails. “We have a partnership with Symel. Their clients took them for example when they went to Chausey“.

Currently, the digital channel has collected a lot of data in the south of the channel and is gradually returning to the north of the section. “But this is done on a voluntary basis by the local communities.The Federation hopes to have a complete map by the spring of 2022.

Taking these measurements during tours of the Coutances Mer and Bocage garbage trucks made it possible to collect very detailed data as close as possible to the territory’s dwellings. © Radio France
Lucy Thewlett

Do you pick up?

This appointment will allow the Mansheviks toTo knowingly choose this or that operator. Because until then, they only benefited from the information provided by the operators themselves.

It will also allow Manche Numérique to take its own actions Improve coverage Throughout the section and Fighting the white areas.

In France, the coverage of mobile networks is reported by the operators, who are therefore a referee and a party. By taking measurements over the entire area, by making this exact map, I have data to oppose it. I can say “Look, in such and such a village, I measured the blanket and it didn’t work!” And from there we can enter into a dialogue, and negotiate with them, for we have arguments, continued Vincent Fillion of the Manche Numérique.

This designation can be used to deploy new mobile phone relays in white areas, within the framework of obligations imposed annually by the state on operators.

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