Snapchat and Zynga Announcing ReVamp, Another Version of Us?

Don’t let the vampire kill you in the new mini-game ReVamp, developed by Zynga for Snapchat.

Since its rise in popularity, Between us It makes people jealous and inspires other studios to adopt the concept of the game to revamp it to suit their thieves. This is particularly the case at Epic Games, which revealed its Impostors mode just a few weeks ago, or even Snapchat announcing the imminent arrival of its mini-game. ReVampIn association with Zynga Studio.

As you can see by watching the preview trailer, this is a stealth game where a vampire hides among humans. Its role is to kill all the other players without being exposed, while the others have to perform the tasks without being killed by the vampire. A fairly classic gameplay… which reminds us of something vaguely.

In fact, the gameplay requires the same mechanics as the ones in Between. Players will be able to discover the inanimate corpses of other players, which they can report to start a voting session. The game will be multiplayer and playable directly from the Snapchat app, in portrait mode if the trailer is to be believed.

If Innersloth didn’t invent hot water by his game Between usReminiscent of backgammon, werewolf For example, the title has fairly specific gameplay mechanics so that we realize there is a copy when we see it. The studio also responded poorly to the announcement of the Impostors mode in Fortnite and has yet to respond to the announcement by Snapchat and Zynga.

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