Solar Ash has been postponed, but the new release date is not far off –

Solar gray Has been Postponed, A choice that could have been predicted at this point, should have come in the game days, but has been quiet since this summer: however, new Exit date It’s not too far away

With the official news on Twitter, the Heart Machine Group has announced the new release date for Solar Ash. December 2, 2021Therefore, a delay of about one and a half months compared to what was originally planned will not change the plans much but will allow the publisher to extend the work shortly before release.

Although it is not precisely stated in detail, the reason for this Delay In addition to the current situation given by the job restructuring due to the Govt epidemic, there is a need to reach the highest standards, as has already happened for many sports.

Anyway, before starting this game for Heart Machine and Annapurna, there will still be one and a half months to finish cleaning as best as possible: final touches and bug fixes in the game as we tackle the global epidemic and the most dedicated team. The short delay will help us get there. “

We recently released a preview of an awesome 3D platform on Solar Ash and a trailer with release dates for PS4, PS5 and PC, and at this point it has changed.

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