Sometimes “useless” tools are necessary for people with disabilities

The internet is full ofThe best tools are useless». Banana chunksAnd the Threader sock or Subject button… these seemingly redundant products are supposed to clarify both the consumer frenzy and the surrounding laziness that leads us to buy into the odds and ends to facilitate really simple tasks.

However, when one suffers from paralysis of the hands that makes it impossible to carry a banana and a knife with ease, slicing up a banana doesn’t really seem like a waste of plastic and money. The same goes for a button threader when you lose use of a lever. Paralysis, muscle weakness, arthritis, chronic pain … whether congenital, acquired or temporary, many disabilities can make basic tasks difficult. Tricks like the sock puller become anything but unnecessary.

Get independence

People with disabilities who make life difficult have to get help in some way. However, not everyone necessarily has relatives available to present A. Volunteer work help Fixed. And personal support services are expensive. Even if this was not the case, PWD would not want to use it systematically.

Kim SauderDisability researcher and autism specialist, explains to Vox that she doesn’t want to wait for help all the time:It’s frustrating to have to ask for help. I prefer trying to find my own solutions».

Mock unnecessary gadgets by serving them as lazy items or by means of Noting how unfriendly they are, It can be harmful and guilty to those who really need it. About Greg Hartley, PresidentAcademy of Physical Therapy for Aging «These little things can make a big difference in a person’s quality of life, allow them to be independent and improve their self-esteem».

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