Sonic Frontiers criticized by fans, they tell Sega to postpone release –

Sonic borders Finally officially presented by Seka, two game videos explained the actual game in detail, but this one It does not seem to be liked by many fansMany of them have also started some kind of social trend They ask Seka to postpone their departure With the game you can improve it.

Just yesterday we watched the Sonic Frontiers Combat System trailer, which follows the first official 7-minute gameplay video released by Seka this week.

The game seems to have progressed well, but the result does not seem to have elevated some interested users who were somewhat critical of the new game development. Within hours of the videos being released, the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers was also trending on Twitter for a while, to clarify what the general sense of history users of the Sega series is.

According to these players, the game will need this More time to enrich and improveIn 2022, Sega plans to launch this in the coming months.

At this point it may not be enough to have the absolutely conceivable, clean game that fans want: Sonic Frontiers to represent the big revenue of the Sega Icon. 3D operating systemInserted into an ambitious open world that allows unprecedented exploration for this series.

However, since the version shown so far by Sonic Frontiers is still in its infancy, the final result remains to be seen.

Veronica Tucker

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