Sony Bend’s Open World is coming to PC, it’s official!

Sony In recent months it has announced that it wants to open more to other sites that do not carry the PlayStation brand, and it seems that the company wants to keep confident with its strategy: After the arrival of Gorilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, Another important Sony first party exclusive is getting ready to land on the computer.

In a recent interview with GQ XF, Sony has officially confirmed that it is Days Con, Developed by Open World Bent Studios and released exclusively on PS4 in 2019, The PC version will be released in the spring of this year. No more specific details have been shared at this time, but it will be enough to create a certain buzz in the gaming community, and with more and more PC gamers being able to finally try some of the products that determined success. PlayStation 4.

It seems that Days Con marked nothing but arrival The beginning of the expansion campaign that the Japanese giant wants to do towards PC users:

“What about PlayStation games on the computer? We are preparing a complete list, We will start this spring “, Actually Japanese company reports.

In the end, It looks like Experiment with Horizon: Zero Dawn finally paid off, And persuaded Sony to continue the path he had discovered with the open world of Gorilla, and continued Death Stranding (In this case we can not talk about the exclusive first party).

Sony today officially announced the launch of the PlayStation VR2 Meanwhile, the PS5 is completely dedicated to gaming The Gran Turismo 7 is taken from Polyphony Digital.

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Veronica Tucker

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