Sony fixes DualSense controller error showing empty battery for nothing

The PS5 console recently suffered from a very annoying bug. While the DualSense is already a victim of the same drift problem as the Nintendo Switch, one Reddit user noticed that the battery appears to be empty while it can last for several hours. Sony finally rolled out a hotfix patch on June 9, 2021.

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Article last updated at 2:48 pm on 06/09/2021

Since this article was published, Sony has released the PS5 firmware update 21.01- The latter, which weighs in at 902.3MB, corrects the problem mentioned by Reddit users. The DualSense Controller should now work properly.

The original article was dated 06/09/2021

One can only imagine the disappointment of those who struggled most often to get PS5, they find themselves forced to suffer from insects Annoying at best, extremely disabling at worsts. The Sony console has already been the victim of many technical issues, most of which have been resolved after some updates, while others still remain. When they don’t appear out of nowhere.

The DualSense Controller, the tech’s little gem, isn’t without this phenomenon. A few months after the launch of the PS5, Gamers are starting to notice the same drifting problem on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Today, we know that this is not the only concern they have to deal with. A Reddit user has already mentioned Battery display error.

PS5 console shows empty battery while it can still keep it for a long time

“I’ve been timing my gaming sessions for the past few days and have noticed when the PS5 tells me the battery is low”, writes u/dospacks. “Generally speaking, there’s about 11-12 hours of continuous battery life, and the PS5 told me my controller battery started running out after about six hours. This was all done while playing Returnal, which uses touch a lot. I didn’t use a headset, because that It would drain it a little faster.”

While only half of the controller’s battery is drained, It still alerts the player that it needs to be recharged. Thus it is a relatively benign problem, but it can cause its owner to recharge it more than the reason thus Uses up its shelf life faster. “One bar is still a ton of autonomy left. If I turn the PS5 off and then back on, the battery will often show two bars when only one appears before restarting”, refers to another user.

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Reddit members have so far explored two approaches to the source of the error. one evokes Latest console updateWhich revealed the problem that did not exist for him until then. The other is pointing rather the finger Lithium battery composition, which makes it better recharge when it reaches 20-30% autonomy. We hope that Sony quickly gets to grips with the bug so we can have a definitive answer.

Source : reddit

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