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A few weeks ago I spoke to Sony about its intention to develop PSVR technology on the Playstation 5. In the future, gamers should be able to immerse themselves in virtual worlds without cables, but we won’t test that vision again this year. To do so, the company brings us the ultimate design for their PSVR2 consoles today.

Obviously, one reaches these two loops and carries a central control. It is noted that the hands can be brought closer without touching each other. Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Planning and Management at Sony, who provided us with PSVR-2 technology (unofficial), calls this model “orb” It highlights ergonomics as well as weight balance.

Sony introduces new PSVR controllers for the PS5

One of the novelties with this console is that the center console recognizes where our fingers are. This should come in handy when we’re interacting with tangible things. Meanwhile, the shoulder buttons rely on the dual resistance that can be controlled from the game. The PS5 console vibration is also captured so gamers perceive friction and resistance on the palm of their hands. On a technological level, the glove is able to identify spatial movements in virtual space, so that external cameras are unnecessary.

Sony claims these devices have an ‘Huge leap’ Represent virtual reality. A must for developers “bald” Get prototypes of this technology to customize your experience accordingly. The new VR consoles were absolutely essential, because the first generation PSVR was based on completely outdated PS-Move consoles from the PS3 era. However, this new presentation shows that Sony appears to be serious about this issue.

Those: PlayStation Blog.

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