SpaceX: Astronauts take off to the International Space Station with a Crew Dragon!

A rocket from the private space company SpaceX blasted off for the International Space Station (ISS) at Cape Canaveral Space Port in Florida, USA, on Friday at 11.49 am (CEST). Due to the unfavorable weather forecast, the planned start on Thursday has been postponed to Friday – and with success: the four astronauts are expected to arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday. But now the most important thing: SpaceX uses a space capsule and a rocket used for flight. This was reported by the website in English.the edge“.
The used Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule were used for the mission: both were last used on SpaceX’s Crew 1 mission last year – the first astronaut mission of the private space company. The current rise is another milestone in terms of SpaceX’s reusability, after the company has already launched and reused many Falcon 9 rockets and unmanned Dragon capsules in the past. What distinguishes this mission? It is the first to be reused on a mission on board the ship.
“We are happy to be back in space for all of us, and we’ll send our compliments to Crew-1 when we get there.” (We’re doing well, we’re all happy to be back in space, and we’ll say hello to Crew-1 when we get there.) US NASA astronaut Shane Kembrah, mission commander, told SpaceX- Mission Control in Hawthorne, California, as reported by “The Verge” . The current crew – with the simple name “Crew-2” – consists of Kimbrough, astronaut Megan McArthur, Japanese colleagues Akihiko Hoshide and French Thomas Pesquet. Pesquet is the first astronaut from the European Space Agency to fly to the International Space Station aboard the Crew Dragon. As for SpaceX, it is already the second crew to be transferred to the International Space Station. The first – made up of US astronauts Michael Hopkins and Victor Glover, astronaut Shannon Walker, as well as Japanese Soichi Noguchi – docked at the International Space Station in November. You’re scheduled to return to Earth at the end of April – so from Saturday onwards, the home will be full on the International Space Station.
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