Spice Wars”, from Bordelais of Shiro Games, Available

So, readjust again…

Therefore, adapting Frank Herbert’s work back into video games is a great challenge for the Bordeaux residents in the Shiro games, who are already the origin of the “Evoland 1 and 2,”, “Wartalis” or the very popular “Northguard”. And those who’ve already played the latter won’t be out of place by getting their hands on “Dune: Spice Wars,” available in Early Access (a playable, but unfinished version) since Tuesday, April 26.

four factions

Fans of Frank Herbert’s novel will be on familiar territory. All the signs of works of science fiction that have recently been adapted to cinema are present: the planet Arakis, the houses of Atreides and Harkonnen, the Freemen, the harvest of precious spices, sandworms …

In terms of gameplay, the game is 4X (to explore, expand, exploit and annihilate” – exploration, expansion, exploitation and annihilation in French) with solid quality. Basically, the player takes command of one of the four playable factions and must take over bases, build buildings, manage an army…

If the main mechanics of the game, such as harvesting spices or capturing and developing new rules are classic, but effective, other aspects are worth studying in depth. Think for example of Landsraad, a board that allows voting on measures that affect the game but it’s still hard to see the real impact in the game, or even the differences between the different factions, which are more or less the same.

Small bugs you don’t have to worry about for the game is still in development. Especially since studio Bordeaux has already announced a multiplayer mode, as well as – at least – a new faction.

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Sand Dunes: Spice Wars. Available on PC through Steam. 29.99 euros.

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