Spotify: The app can now be controlled with voice commands

Spotify: The music app gets ears

Spotify, the music streaming service, surprises US users on Android and iOS with its voice control. It seems redundant at first, but there could be more to it.

Hey, Spotify music streaming service provides users with control for the first time via voice commands. COMPUTER BILD EXPLORE THE DETAILS.

“Hey Spotify, play something I like” – will soon be able to control the smartphone streaming service in Germany as well. Because this already works in the United States. To do that, however, the app must be running in the foreground. To ensure hands-free use, users have to resort to the system’s voice assistant – using “Hey Google, start Spotify” or “Hey Siri, start Spotify”. Since Spotify can be fully controlled with these voice assistants, the new functionality does not add any added value at first glance. So some sources explain the function as an indication of the arrival of Spotify devices soon.

Spotify Music (Android app)

Spotify Music (app for iPhone and iPad)

Spotify devices coming soon?

In addition to the aforementioned command, American users already have the option to play singles, playlists, or radio stations. Playback can also be paused and continued using voice commands. There hasn’t been an official statement from Spotify yet about the new functionality, so a release date for German users hasn’t been set yet. But it calls for speculation. So I guessed the edgeSpotify wants to accustom users to voice control, which can be used with Spotify’s car assistant, which may be released soon. The author also predicts that headphones or earphones that respond to “Hey Spotify” may appear next year.
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