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Square Enix Continues To support The fall of Babylon, No one was playing there anymore and the servers were practically deserted. The second season of content is coming soon, and it’s hard to understand who it was dedicated to.

The fall of Babylon currently has a few dozen soldiers a day, with negative peaks dropping to absolute zero. Game directors Kenji Saito and Takahisa Sukiyama have said that Square Enix support wants to continue trying where even a gold shield breaks. An interview was published on the Square Enix website itself, Talked about what is coming to the game and how much the development team has learned from this experience and from the players ’opinions. They seem to have realized for the first time that the game is not just an autonomous product, but a service.

Because of this Platinum Games Works on updates that bring improvements in both graphics and content, thus responding to all reviews received.

Unfortunately not one yet Date For the second season of the fall of Babylon. Given the bad name he enjoys and the low affection of the public, due to various factors, it is difficult to say whether he will be able to save himself, given the quality of the game at first, but the anticipation created. During the first announcement, the direct service nature of the product was ignored by the publication.

Veronica Tucker

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