Star Trek – Strange New Worlds: Rising Wall Ralette in the service of (…]

Virtual scene technology known as Augmented Reality Wall (AR Wall) has been introduced to the universe Star Trek for season 4 of Discoveryand contributed to it Strange new worlds.

Not only is the wall used to help create some of these alien worlds, but it’s also used for some scenes in the USS Enterprise itself. Thanks to the series’ visual effects team, we can now see how that happens up close.

The VR wall we’re talking about is on the virtual production set of Pixomondo and William F. White International Toronto. The following video demonstrates how action scene elements and an augmented reality wall are combined to create an engineering landscape on the USS Enterprise.

Pixomondo also provided us with this production image from the Ghosts of Illyria episode showing the engineering group. The wall is also used to clutter the foundation. Writer/producer Bill Wolkoff shared a video that shows the Warp Ship in action.

Pixomondo shared some photos showing how the wall was used to date Spock and T’Pring on Vulcan in the first episode of the series. Pictures of the scene before and after the wall was also posted. Pixomondo’s virtual landscape and augmented reality wall use Unreal Engine, a game technology applied to film production. Unreal has released a video of its own showing how to use this technique in season 4 of Discovery.

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