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Starfield, Bethesda’s first new IP to launch since The Elder Scrolls 25 years ago, is one of the most anticipated titles of the year for gamers. Toujours prévu pour le 11 novembre prochain, le RPG de science-fiction de Bethesda devrait se dévoiler un peu plus au cours des prochains mois, mais certaines fuites nous permettent d’cellavoir une petite idée de la jeuvencée, com last week. Indeed, a former Bethesda employee spoke about Starfield via ResetEra, but these leaks still need a pinch of salt.

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A wobbly flying game, but no release is planned

So this information was Detected by certain Hevy008, a former character creator developer, on ResetEra. The site administrators verified his identity and Jason Schreyer confirmed Today the health of the famous Hevy008 track. However, the accuracy of the leaked information remains uncertain, and we therefore advise you to take this information with caution, as always.

While answering a question from a user, Hevy008 spoke about Bethesda Game Studios’ qualities as a place to work. He says the studio is a “fantastic, solid place to work” and Todd Howard, the historic Bethesda designer, is “a man of charismatic personality.”

Then the former developer clearly talks about the gameplay, flight mechanics of the game, and the engine of this game. Hevy008 describes the latter as “a pile of bullshit” and laments the lack of fun piloting spaceships. These raw and somewhat straightforward words are balanced by the gunplay as well as the high-quality graphics and lighting, without visually reaching the level of Horizon Forbidden West. Starfield will also be the subject of weekly play tests every Thursday since the beginning of the year.

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Another central question is the release date and maintenance. The question is legitimate when we see the growing number of year-long delays for many games. Hevy008 says Bethesda should try to hold on to November 11, 2022, which is an “exciting date” to use his words. The studio can remove content when the game is released if necessary, as Hevy008 shows that Starfield offers a lot more content compared to the current progress.

According to him, Bethesda’s current goals are to fix bugs and improve the game as best as possible before its release and make it more fun than it is now, especially in the experimental gameplay. This information is reasonable, but again, we advise you not to take it at face value and wait to see how the situation develops concretely according to Bethesda ads.

Starfield is still slated to release on November 11th on Xbox Series X | S and PC with one day access to Xbox Game Pass and[PCGamePass->mot3921[PCGamePass->mot3921][PCGamePass->mot3921[PCGamePass->mot3921

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