Starfield gets official mod support with creations and new quests in today's update

It may have gone a bit unnoticed among the many announcements at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, but Starfield has received a major update It starts with popular ones and brings new content of considerable depth Creation kit and new tasksAs well as various fixes with the June 9 patch.

Creazioni really opens up Official mod support In Starfield, it's a much-anticipated element by the community and could be of fundamental importance to Bethesda Gaming, as the company's previous titles have continued for years with new user-generated content.

As such, Creations is available on Starfield starting today, immediately bringing a significant amount of additional content, from quests to structural changes to various customizations.

Lots of new content and endless support for Starfield

All details on the June 9, 2024 Starfield update can be found at the address listed below as the “source” of the message.

We start from works, which include: New missions, equipment, skins, weapons and moreMany components, including those developed by Bethesda but above all built directly by users, will grow significantly in the coming months.

Creations are accessible directly from the game menu, and owners of the premium version of Starfield will find 1,000 Creation Credits to spend immediately. At the same time as this option, the Starfield Creation Kit was released by Steam, which allows users to directly create new content.

New missions have been added to Starfield as part of the update: Searches by Liquidators' Alliance and about the various boons collected throughout the universe.

A screenshot from Starfield: Shattered Space

The first of these, “The Star Thief”, puts us in contact with a mysterious liquidator who moves between the settlements of the colonial organizations, leading to an exciting hunt. The Liquidators Alliance's second mission, “The Vulture,” is available in the new Creations menu.

The June 9 update introduced a Bounty Scanner that allows you to identify and destroy (or “peacefully deal with…?”) targets that have a bounty on their head. More information on the topic can be found on the Liquidators Alliance Elite Member Mission Board.

Among the fixes, the new patch introduces “general performance and stability improvements” as well as various fixes for bugs and issues found so far in Starfield.

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Shattered Space Expansion trailer and a Exit period Although there is no precise release date yet, this year is confirmed.

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