Starfield greets 2022 with new space image from Bethesda –

Bethesda decides to celebrate the New Year Happy 2022 With new Picture From Starfield, The long-awaited sci-fi RPG on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X | Displays with droplet in S.

In this case it is not a screen shot, but a work of art, a film that above all helps to illustrate the style and context of the game, reminiscent of the most classic science fiction in this regard: we find one in a fascinating parable. View of space from the surface of an ice-covered extraterrestrial planet.

In the background is a nebula, a vehicle that specializes in exploring the most inaccessible surfaces in one corner of the picture, and two astronauts thinking about the panorama: “Dedicated A year full of inventions“, Reads the message linked to the artwork.

So, the teasers in Starfield continue after the picture of the mysterious caves to be explored that was released a few days ago, while yesterday some of the alleged assets came out of the old structure of Bethesda RPG.

In the meantime, we look forward to one Presentation The real Starfield, Bethesda has decided to target the spring of 2022, probably in the E3 era: as has happened to Fallout 4 and the company’s other titles. Depth only near true discharge.

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Veronica Tucker

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