Starfield will be officially “Starfield” from June, Registered Trademark –

Although we have been talking about this for four years, The Stamp From Starfield will become Official from June 2022Registration with official trademark approval is only possible from next month.

Not that it changes much at this point, but apparently so far no other company or individual has had the opportunity to register the Starfield name on a regular basis. Circular symbol For its own weird space game, it would have provoked a very strange situation.

The Starfield logo will be official next month

Also, this will not be a new problem in the world of video games, as Ubisoft was forced to change its name to Gods & Monsters in Immortals: Phoenix Rising.

The Starfield trademark therefore receives legal value as a registered trademark June 14, 2022. The name Starfield has already been recorded, but apparently this new evolution is not only related to the name, but also to the logo’s circular design and the font used, which may be the basis for the business associated with the game.

Meanwhile, Starfield has been postponed to 2023, so it will not be released on November 11, 2022, which has provoked (and not only) a significant series of controversies from fans. Anyway, the game will be on display at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase on June 12th.

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