State Council suspends work on Mediterranean gardens in Beit She’an

Work in the Herault County Council Amusement Park “Mediterranean Gardens” in Bessant, southeast of Béziers Suspended by the State Council. On November 30, 2020, the Montpellier Administrative Court rejected an appeal from the France Nature Environnement, but the Council of State overruled this decision and decided to suspend the work.

Must accommodate Mediterranean gardens A restaurant, a Herault wine suite, an aquarium or even a virtual reality domeall over an area of ​​29 hectares, 300,000 visitors annually.

Instead of promoting the very rich and highly endangered biodiversity that already exists in our area, the Board of Directors chose an “old fashioned” project, where environmental concerns are in the background despite the varnish of the landscape” FNE deplores. “Due to the presence of an interesting mosaic of natural environments and many protected species, This project will seriously damage this site, which has already been severely damaged by the department’s management over the past ten years“.

The buildings will represent only 0.6 hectares

For its part, the Herault department clarified that it carried out “Experience in animals/plants over four seasons from July 2018 to 2019He also points out that.800 tons of wasteIt has been cleaned on site and it is determined that the restaurant, wine pavilion and aquarium are It occupies less than one hectare. The rest is already planted forests and vineyards and 16 hectares of gardens.

The regional president of the FNE, Simone Pope, deplores “trying to smoke” From the department of Herault to try to do Pass the project by force. The administration would have cut its project into several parts so as not to have to ask for licenses, as well as to avoid the compulsory public investigation exceeding 10 hectares.

We’re having a regular shredding of a large-scale project. It’s somewhat similar to the classic method for planners who want to get under the environmental rights radar. Simon Bobby

The department says it’s being implemented Make a new environmental license To complete this project. Meanwhile, work is on hold.

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