Stop tools praising the mafia, even Sant’Agata di Militello says no

Sant’Agata di Militello also said not to sell and publish articles and gadgets praising the mafia. On April 9, the city council voted on the proposal proposed by councilor Melinda Ricupero who brings the Car Initiative into the room in order to begin an awareness-raising process to say no to selling and publishing products and gadgets that invoke mafia symbols and spread a culture of illegality.

“I am honored to become the spokesperson for the city council for the laudable initiative promoted by Cars – Ricupero said -. I thank Gianfranco Gentil, President of the Pettineo Municipal Council and founder of Cars, for this, and I thank the entire city for the Sant’Agata Board of Sensitivity.”

Andrea Baron, President of the Municipal Council of Sant Agata de Militello, spoke on the matter, declaring, “I express my satisfaction with the approval of the proposal against the publication of products and tools, praising the mafia that the City Council of Saint Agata di Militello unanimously agreed to the attendees. Gianfranco Gentile, the promoter of the initiative, it is imperative that we see all representatives of the local authorities in Sicily, in a transversal and decisive manner, take firm positions against all of these. Forms of activities that favor an illegitimate culture, especially if it is the mafia. “

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