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If you are wondering how to watch ESPN Plus on TV, computer, etc., you will be glad to know that it is very easy to do. ESPN+ is a sports-focused streaming service that offers live sports, original content, documentaries, and more. However, ESPN+ is set up a little differently than your standard broadcast system in the ESPN+ content found in the ESPN app. With that in mind, we’ve put together this how-to guide to access and enjoy ESPN+ through your streaming device, phone, or web browser of choice.

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All the sports you’ll ever need

ESPN+ gives sports fans an easy way to watch their favorite games and follow their teams at a really affordable monthly cost. It can also be accessed on a variety of devices.

How much does ESPN+ cost?

While ESPN+ doesn’t offer a free trial, you can get a standalone ESPN+ subscription for just $6.99 per month, or you can bundle it with Disney+ and Hulu for just $13.99 per month. Alternatively, the Disney package is also available with Hulu without ads for $19.99 per month.

Both options do not require any long-term commitment and you can cancel at any time. Additionally, there is no difference in the amount of content displayed between the two options; It just depends if you find it useful to access the Disney+ and Hulu services as well.

How to watch ESPN+ on your TV

Once registered, one of the easiest ways to access ESPN+ is on your Smart TV or through a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple streaming device. With that in mind, here’s how to watch ESPN+ on TV right now.

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Loading ESPN app on the streaming device of your choice and log in to your account. Navigate to and select a file Settings top right of the screen.
ESPN appESPN app

Go to Account Information. contact ESPN account To get your activation code.
ESPN appESPN app

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect with ESPN + Credits. Wait for confirmation TV screen You have successfully linked your account.
ESPN appESPN app

Return to the main screen of the program ESPN app and seek ESPN + under the top links.

ESPN app

ESPN appSource: cable cutters

Once you complete setup for the first time, you won’t have to worry about it anymore, and every time you access ESPN from that device, you’ll be able to access ESPN+ content directly.

If your streaming devices don’t offer the ESPN app, there are still a few options for you. For Android users, you can use Cast ESPN+ to cast broadcasts from your phone to Google Chromecast. If you are using an old Apple TV, you can use an app called AirPlay ESPN+ to stream from your iPhone to your TV. Another option is to update your streaming devices.

How to watch ESPN+ on your phone or tablet

You can also access ESPN+ through your mobile device or tablet. Here are the steps to follow to achieve this:

free download ESPN app From the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download Espn

Download EspnSource: Android Central

Open the ESPN app and Register where Connection to your account with your existing IDs.

aspen is open

aspen is openaspen manageraspen managerSource: Android Central Once you’re logged into the ESPN app, go back to the main screen.

Click on ESPN + The logo is at the bottom of the screen.

Aspen Plus Android Application

Aspen Plus Android ApplicationSource: Android Central

Once logged in, you can stream content and read articles anywhere. You can also log into your ESPN+ account on multiple devices, so be sure to set them all up now so you don’t have to worry about that during your flight or right before the next big event you want to watch.

How to watch ESPN+ on PC

Another way to access ESPN+ is through a web browser on your PC or laptop. Here are the steps to watch ESPN+ on any of these devices.

visit on your internet browser.

ESPN Plus Home

ESPN Plus HomeSource: Android Central

click it sign in The option is in the upper right corner.

ESPN Plus Connection

ESPN Plus ConnectionSource: Android Central

Enter ESPN + . credentials.

In the navigation bar at the top of the screen, tap ESPN + icon.

ESPN Plus Web Content

ESPN Plus Web ContentSource: Android Central

ESPN+ should work in all current browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Now streaming on ESPN+

It’s worth noting that ESPN+ subscribers currently have access to thousands of exclusive live events, making it a must-have for sports fans of all kinds. ESPN+ subscribers can also purchase UFC PPV events and access a comprehensive archive of on-demand content, including the entire 30 for 30 library and select ESPN movies.

Outside of traditional sports coverage, ESPN+ subscribers can see exclusive articles and analysis on players, teams, and tournaments from famous writers such as Bill Barnwell, Matthew Perry, Jay Bellas, Mike Clay and Heather Denic. The platform also offers a growing list of original series such as Man In The Arena: Tom Brady, Eli’s Places, Dana White’s Contender Series, and The Fantasy Show with Matthew Berry. Now is the time to start broadcasting!

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ESPN Logo +ESPN Logo +


Stream your favorite sports from anywhere

ESPN+ gives sports fans an easy way to watch their favorite games and follow their teams at a really affordable monthly cost. It can be accessed on a variety of devices, so sign up today!

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