SuperPower 3: The geopolitical management and strategy game revealed in the video

THQ North Unveiled during a period an offer A new creation for the franchise superpowerDeveloped by Golem Labs. SuperPower 3 will be a strategy, management and geopolitical simulation game in which the player will have to take care of many things to rule the earth. This is the first trailer:

in a Super Power 3And So the player will have to manage demographics, economy, military strategy and global political conflicts in single player or multiplayer with friends, by playing the role of a head of state in any country through scenarios based on real events. The developers didn’t take a pinch of salt and state that the game is “tailor-made for all the paranoid who think they can run the Earth much better than the politicians and military leaders of the world today.”

The title will contain modern graphics, technology and current military equipmentand enhanced EHE/AI technology that will tailor the experience to suit each player’s style. The game is also designed for Modification In order to offer massive replay potential, even the studio claims that adventure has no end in itself.

SuperPower 3 has no release date yet, expected exclusively on PC. you can find Computers the games employment Amazon.

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