Supports mobile operators with biometric advanced voice authentication

Thales announces new acoustic biometrics solution built into Thales Digital Identity Digital Trust Services platform supports registration and authentication. This solution responds to the growing demand from mobile call center operators to combat identity fraud while providing a seamless customer experience. Produced in partnership with R&D IDA leading company in the voice biometrics sector, this new feature enhances Thales’ digital trust platform, which already integrates highly sophisticated verification of identity documents and advanced biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprints..

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Call center operators must verify the identity of reporters to detect attempted identity theft. In addition to their proven ineffectiveness, existing processes using Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) create frustrating delays with legitimate subscribers, and ultimately jeopardize the customer experience.

Thales’ automated voice recognition solution is completely transparent and invisible to callers, requiring no intervention or training from call center staff. As a result of a partnership between Thales and ID R&D, this voice recognition solution makes it possible to detect fraudsters trying to portray themselves as customers. The voices of the callers are quickly matched against the stored voiceprints of known scammers and individuals with suspicious call patterns. Delivering strong performance in addressing key benchmark challenges in the NIST* 2019 speaker recognition assessments, ID R&D technology has been recognized as delivering unprecedented accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Thales voice messaging also enables optimal authentication legitimate clients. User consent opens the door to secure access to personalized service offerings. Following a recent implementation by a major mobile operator, Thales’ voice biometrics has proven to be particularly effective in identifying fraudulent messengers and has now been expanded to new use cases by authenticating existing users, thus replacing usernames and passwords, while respecting local regulations regarding for privacy.

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ID R&D provides the next generation of voice biometrics that provide greater security and a better user experience. Our partnership with Thales to detect and prevent fraud, without imposing restrictions on customers and without giving any clues to fraudsters, is very promising.” a déclaré Alexey Khitrov, CEO d’ID R&D. “With this solution, we make a strong case for mobile operators to deploy voice biometrics aimed at stopping fraud when registering new subscribers and thus promoting ongoing authentication.”

“Today, scammers are targeting more and more remote channels, such as call centers, to pretend to be legitimate customers,” explains Guillaume Lafaix, Vice President of Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales. However, the unique properties of the voice are a valuable asset in combating these types of fraud. Voice biometrics, easily captured during registration, help improve the customer experience in the long run.”

* National Institute of Standards and Technology

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