symbiosis Mobile bubble, portable bathroom for the homeless

The Rennaise Bulles Solidaires Association presents to the public its mobile home equipped to allow the homeless to shower during the looting.

Big shower bathtub, cosmetics, soft, clean towels…it’s all there. It’s hard to believe that this new bathroom is actually tucked away in a remodeled RV.

Officially launched on the roads in February 2022, “Bulle-Mobile” identifies itself on Saturday, June 11, at the Place des Lices in Rennes for Solidarity Springs, a moment of exchange between social actors, the homeless, and the general public.

opportunity to Paul Solidere Association, Very active in Rennes, to present this new car. The concept is simple: to offer portable bathrooms in the city of Rennes and its capital “To allow people who live on the street to have free personal hygiene, while respecting their dignity‘,” explains Laure Anne Galeandro Diamant, a volunteer with the association.

The device seemed necessary as the link indicated on his site : “In Rennes, the structures that allow people who have nowhere to shower are not many enough to meet everyone’s needs. In addition, some homeless people do not go there because they find it difficult to move or because they are afraid that their dogs will not be accepted there.. “

Gwen runs through, and she’s come to visit the machine out of curiosity, she’s very sensitive to the homeless issue: When you don’t have the possibility to have privacy when you are on the street, that’s great. (…) There, all of a sudden, we can take some time to ourselves, and look at ourselves in the mirror. “She noticed.

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The bathroom is large, the mirror is lit. Everything has been improved to recreate a relaxed atmosphere. Large cabinets allow for the independence of about fifteen showers and the assembly provides everything necessary: ​​soap, creams, razors, sanitary towels. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served after showering.

“There is a clear and obvious demand, and more and more people are daring to come. “Welcomes Laure Anne Gallandro Diamond. Currently, “Bulle-Mobile” is only available to users on Monday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9 pm, at the Place de la Communauté, next to the Hôtel de Rennes Métropole.

Pulse Soliders is looking for other volunteers to allow the vehicle to operate on other days of the week.

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