T-Mobile allows some iPhone owners to test their network for 30 days

The Big Picture: Traditional coverage maps aren’t exactly the most reliable way to determine if a mobile network is actually providing coverage where you need it. No, the best way to do this is to test it yourself. The problem is that this hasn’t been a frictionless option yet.

T-Mobile recently expanded its Test Drive program to newer iPhones, and it appears to be a seamless way to power the T-Mobile network.

Depending on the promotion, those with an iPhone XS or later can download the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app to get started. From there, just follow the onscreen instructions to get started. T-Mobile will provide you with a trial number plus 30 days or 30 GB of high-speed data to accompany unlimited calls and texts, all for free.

There is no contract you have to agree with and you don’t even need to provide a credit card number. You can even keep your current carrier and its number for the trial period. Those with a 5G-capable iPhone can take T-Mobile’s next-generation network for a test drive as part of the deal.

T-Mobile’s Test Drive software isn’t new, but the eSIM-enabled iPhone addition is. Additional details and restrictions for viewing are available on the T-Mobile website.

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