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T-Mobile has been offering its free network testing beta program for years now, which previously meant giving Uncarrier access to a hotspot device. Now, T-Mobile offers iPhone users a very easy way to test it for 30 days without any restrictions or having to change carriers by using the eSIM built into the iPhone.

Spotted by LightReading (via The Verge), T-Mobile opened its Test Drive program this week to iPhone users via an eSIM. This means that if you have an iPhone XS or later and want to try Uncarrier, you can do so using the new iOS Test Drive app, no hotspot hardware needed.

By cleverly taking advantage of the iPhone’s eSIM, T-Mobile can offer a free trial alongside the customer’s existing carrier.

Here’s how T-Mobile describes the new eSIM option:

With T-Mobile Network Test Drive, you get 30 days or 30GB of high-speed data plus unlimited calls and texts for free, while keeping your current carrier and your phone number. Try our network on your iPhone now, risk free.

T-Mobile says you’ll get 5G access (for iPhone 12 owners) during the trial as well as LTE coverage, it only takes a few minutes to set up and no credit card or contract is required for this. Road test. And again, you can do this without having to cancel/transfer your existing service with another carrier.

You can learn more about the new iPhone eSIM driving experience here and download the free app to get started in the App Store.

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