Tactile jacket for CES 2022?

Virtual reality is the future, at least in part with the metaverse. And some manufacturers are preparing for the arrival of Hatpik jackets like the Actronika to make the whole thing even more impressive.

electronica is a French company wishing to present at CES 2022 (January 5 – January 8, 2022) Skinetic. skinetic what is it? This is a tactile jacket to enhance your immersion in virtual reality. An opportunity to make the metaverse goal more “tangible” and realistic.

It’s a bit like a tactile glove (which we’ve been talking about here). The goal is to be able to reproduce the sensations from the real world in the virtual world. We can imagine like this, a bit like a movie One ready player Receive shocks depending on what is happening in virtual reality (ball effect) or conversely feel pressure during a fall. In short, an invention that can be used extensively depending on the type of game.

Jill Mayer – CEO of Actronika. Explain:

A few players are starting to add the sense of touch to VR. However, tactile illusions are still very flat. We decided to take this technology from black and white to color!

The other stage of virtual reality

Mechanically, the jacket includes 20 patented vibrating coil motors, capable of generating a wide range of vibrations covering 100% of a lifelike human perception. In other words, the entire trunk must be able to make use of the technology. Virtual reality is on a much different level.

This future is very close since then SKINTECH Plans to make their creation available for pre-order during a Kickstarter campaign that will be launched on March 22 2022, as pointed out by our colleagues at Techpowerup. Now imagine a virtual world with touch gloves, a touch jacket and a lightweight headset. Dystopia or utopia? You are wide-sighted.

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