Tarbes. Artelier’s games

In May, do as you please. And artist Bernard Ruckol likes to say.

In this, he does not hesitate to reveal them in his work. Works on display this month at Artelier, through May 30. Meets.

Do your works tell a story?

They say a lot. Throughout my career as an applied arts teacher, I have spent my time explaining one idea or another.

For this, the story always goes better. So it is no coincidence that my work supports many stories. It is up to the visitor to take the time to discover them.

For me, it is the place that inspires the story. A bicycle wheel and I paint in honor of the Tour de France in a double sense. It’s an artistic game that I really like.

Can you tell us more?

I love the game, I play with the words in the titles but also with the meaning of the word in some of my work.

My works are also visitor games. Whether you approach nature, space or music, the viewer has the possibility of practical customization. He must move, turn his head to discover all the meanings of my work.

Whether the meanings of the work are relative or in-depth, you have to take the time to discover them. Attention is always key to every visit. And everyone will be able to spot it at Artelier in May.

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