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While Microsoft prepares the final edits for the Xbox conference on June 12, the manufacturer didn’t wait to give gamers a gift because Tell Me Why is available to download free for one month and now on Xbox and PC for Pride Month. .

Download Tell me Why for free on Xbox and PC

Tyler Ronan, tell me why

Tell me why it received strong Xbox support when it was released last summer since the game developed by Dontnod Entertainment was released exclusively for Xbox and straight into the Xbox Game Pass catalog. This time, you don’t need to sign up for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass to enjoy it because the game is completely free for everyone now and for 30 days.

The title tells the story of Tyler and Allison Ronan, newly reunited twins who use their supernatural bond to unravel their loving and turbulent childhood memories.

You can find the Tell Me Why Quiz on Xboxygen, a game we appreciate for the quality of its characters’ writing and exciting story. And going forward, feel free to refer to our dossier raising the issue of transients being represented in video games.

You can download all three Tell Me Why episodes now via the link below.

Download the game

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