TEST Monster Hunter Rise: How much is this PC version worth?

March 2021, players around the world can experience a completely new experience monster hunter On the beautiful switch nintendoAnd rise, a title that we enjoyed correctly. Capcom He made the decision, a few months later, to bring this adventure to PC. Producing buzzes on the computer? This is the question we asked ourselves, it’s time to answer it. First of all, know that we will not go back to this epic and the smallest details Play (You have our full test link at the end), but We only look at other things.

Modifications to this version are more than welcome.

Let’s talk a little, talk well and get right to the point: the visible part. By going to the options, We noticed that the parameters are very limited. So we can select a “low, normal, or high” width, and change the resolution, frequency, and aspect ratio. And ? That’s it. No, shadows and other elements on the screen cannot be managed. Is it enough to shrink the teeth of small formations? Well, no. And for good reason, Monster Hunter Rise is not at all greedy and works perfectly with a “mini” PC the games ; At the same time, remember that this is a simple Switch game.

So, and if you have a suitable screen, You can view 4K For a clean view that is pleasing to the eye. The texture is clean and well detailed andnickname disappear. Regarding the number of frames per second, damn it, what Good to have a file frame rate Fixed. The game is smooth and 60 frames per second (or more) is a great relief for our holiday. Speaking of positivity, 21:9 is part of the game. So the picture is bigger and clearer, especially during clashes. ; Note that you can switch to this format even if you have a 16:9 screen.

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and the Play In all this? The grip of the keyboard and mouse is not tight at all. Movements are easily done with “Z, Q, S, D” and the camera can be controlled with the mouse. The famous hook, which allows us to reach certain platforms or move quickly, is started by the combination of scroll A click of the mouse. Simple and effective. A drop down menu can be displayed with ‘Esc’ where we can navigate easily with our cursor and keys. a And e. In other words, everything is well thought out and arranged. Only a small black dot on the board, it is impossible to modify anything in the parameters. So we have some predefined commands, pip. In addition, know that you can connect a controller, and it will be detected automatically.

Monster Hunter Rise Test Picture

Monster Hunter Rise Not a big visual slap, but the modifications to this version are more welcome. Of course, multiplayer is always present in the game, and it is also possible to use voice chat to communicate quickly. Despite the rather skinny standards, the title is well optimized for our children. The experience is intact, what more could you ask for? If you don’t have a switch and want to try this somewhat charged part, you know what to do.

Monster Hunter Rise is available at Gamesplanet at €47.99 instead of €59.99 .

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