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We quickly wonder if the YouTube or Dailymotion player is suffering, but no, these character animations are like Stop motion (particularly noticeable during cutscenes) stems from the creative choice of Force games, a small, literal character reminiscent of the humble independent origins of the Montreal studio, which intends to move to an upscale level after Contrast and We Happy Few. At first glance, South of Midnight It feels less experimental and takes the form of an action-adventure game that seems to want to encourage fluid exploration with tools like the grappling hook and glider, which also let you fly using air currents.

After a fight against a monster, the corrupted environment regains its plants and small songbirds. Nothing too original, but the theme fits with the heroine's intentions associated with nature spirits. After a Category 5 hurricane, Hazel, alias, made a living as a seamstress, while losing track of her mother. The young girl is then drawn into a Southern Gothic world where reality and fantasy intertwine and where ancient folklore creatures appear, both benevolent like this big catfish or less friendly like the tom alligator on his toes.

And in the middle flows the Derivière

It's all a metaphor for weaving: weavers are supposed to fix things, to do good in the world. Hazel literally repairs the fabric, and with the creatures we spent a lot of time making sure that when they attack or react, you do so in a non-lethal but aggressive way. You do it because you are helping, and you are taking the burden off of all this trauma “, He explains Creative Director David Sears, a former character in the SOCOM franchise, is in a completely different genre.

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On the structural side, South of Midnight Choose a formula” Linear but not too “, that is, the adventure will be divided into different chapters/biomes to explore freely, but therefore do not form one large open world. Linear passages will therefore give way to hubs like the ones we can see in the video. Here, good exploration will allow you to find currency or upgrades Let us add that French composer Olivier Deriviere (Remember Me, Get Drawed, The Plague Tale) will benefit from his taste for dynamic music because, like the giant crocodile, each mythical creature will have its own song, reacting to the player's actions and becoming more complex, until full words begin to tell. The story of the creatures that Hazel is trying to heal.

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