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According to reports from Xbox, an insider named Globril Alliance There will be many Internal teams And will work Gears6 And at least a medium-sized project, always linked to the Gears of War series.

Yes, the alliance was made up of many teams. The studio actively developed Gears tricks with splash damage with Gears 5 (and Gears Pop).

There are two art directors in the studio with Greg Jubi and Aria Hanbeck, so the alliance is in a position to make two games (at least) at a time. The history of the study shows that it has been active in at least two games simultaneously since its inception.

Globril also mentioned the question of the second project, the middle one, more clearly, which denies a possibility Three A, If the alliance does not outsource as Gears did with the tactics. According to him, this second project will be much more experimental than Gears 6. Coalition will create it to see the series push in new directions.

Of course, as always in these cases it is correct to mention that all the information reported in Globril needs to be verified. However, given the alliance’s past, it is not difficult to say that the possibility of having at least two internal teams is absurd.

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