The Attraction of a Betting Bonus


Everyone likes getting free stuff right? So it is not surprising that online betting sites offer bonuses and other enticements to get potential customer account holders to sign up. These betting firms are consistently at the forefront of marketing campaigns and a sportsbook bonus is one of their main ways of attracting business.

Gambling laws have been changing across the world in recent years, especially in the United States. That has opened up the market for millions of new customers in already sports-mad locations. Sportsbooks will try anything to hawk for their business and a betting bonus usually does the trick.

Types of Bonus

Every online sportsbook is different but there are a few promotions that tend to be employed when it comes to offering potential customers a bonus. Free bets are always popular – in their many forms. These will come with terms and conditions but the chance of a risk-free bet is usually too good a chance to pass up.

Deposit matches are also very popular for ensnaring new customers. This kind of bonus seems to work for everyone. The sportsbook gets a new customer and an immediate deposit of funds, while the new account holder gets a percentage of his deposit matched in the form of betting credits.

Small Print

Betting companies are not usually quiet about the terms and conditions attached to their promotions and bonuses. But it does seem that they sometimes rely on new customers doing what new customers tend to do with confronted with small print – ignore it completely.

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It goes without saying that any bonus T&Cs should be checked out before an offer is claimed. The wagering requirements could really affect the attractiveness of a bonus, so new customers need to know all the details. There are enough good promotions on the market to be able to turn down one that asks too much of you.

How to Use a Bonus

Customers also need to check out how long they have to use a bonus. This can vary from seven days to forever – and it is important to know how long you have. The risk levels of the individual will determine how the bonus is used, but using a free bet on what might be referred to as a sure-fire bet would seem to be the best way.

If the bonus is for sports betting, the odds may not be very big for something that is more likely to happen. But a free bet credit should be seen as something that can win you something for (almost) nothing. One of the first rules of sports betting is to understand value and that winning something – however small – is better than winning nothing.

Online Betting Revolution

There was a time when gambling was seen as something almost out of the mainstream. In some countries it meant an imposing bookmaker’s shop – in others it may even have been an illegal sportsbook. But that all changed with developments in technology and changes in the law.

The US is a perfect example of this. With online sites and mobile apps developing at the same time as the Supreme Court’s decision to allow individual states to vote on their betting laws, there has been a huge increase in the amount of people gambling. That is just another reason why we see so many welcome bonuses offered to new customers.

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Do Your Research

As with anything to do with online sports betting, working out which welcome offer bonus to go for should take some research. Some of the promotions actually do offer quite substantial amounts – or at least betting credits – but the bonus has to be right for the individual concerned.

In some countries the advertising and marketing of these kinds of promotions are not as tightly regulated as in others. So it can be down to the customer to make sure that the terms and conditions make the bonus worthwhile – and not simply something just too good to be true.

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