The Auguste-Jacquet Museum does not benefit from the summer game

Beaucaire In this summer period, the Auguste-Jacquet Museum hardly knows the crowds. Sticking the health card didn’t help matters and setting up the castle escape game either. It therefore seems instructive to recall that this museum, created forty years ago thanks to the contribution of the collections of the Old Museum of Vieux Beaucaire and the Society for History and Antiquities, contains the remains of exceptional interest, especially from an archaeological point of view. We find there in particular a column bearing a Greek Celtic inscription, that is, a text written in Greek letters but in fact translating the language of the Gauls which, without an alphabet, was introduced with the language of the Greeks in Marseilles. . We can also see the remains of Gallo-Roman mausoleums discovered during the construction of the Vallabr√®gues Dam on the Rhone. A large place is occupied by ancient tomb furniture found during the construction of the Maronier and Coulomb buildings, as well as a whole collection of funerary paintings. Not to mention the historical memories of the Magdalene Gallery and Provencal costumes. Unfortunately, all this is still ignored today by visitors to whom we offer above all the escape game. Even the museum banner is obscured by that game (game name is in capital letters and museum name is very small) (photo). Tourism may have benefited from this, but it is not certain that knowledge of heritage will.

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