The best apps with offline support

A lot of them Implementation They need Internet connection To function properly and introduce themselves Real time services. How many times has this happened, in certain situations, we found ourselves needing to implement trust without having the possibility to exploit it because the network was absent. Fortunately, there are some apps that allow – with a little planning in advance – to take advantage of all or part of their features even on these occasions. So, whether the connection is absent or poor due to lack of coverage or lack of credit on your smartphone, here’s a file The best apps with offline support To know to always be with you.

Google Maps

Having the ability to use the map, even when no internet connection is available, is critical. Here because Google Maps Provides the opportunity to Download maps From certain areas for later use, even without mobile network or wi-fi coverage. Both feature available in the app iOS So Male in appearance, He comes for help not just for Mobility, But also to search for specific places in the area (such as shops, restaurants, or other commercial activities) or to plan trips within the saved area. Once it is available offline, you can use the saved map through the ones provided in the section dedicated to your profile.

Google translator

The application is currentlyIt is another Big G app, and like Google Maps, it can be indispensable on various occasions. Google translatorThe Vocabulary – or rather the interpreter – in Mountain View provides the ability to download all Lyrics Of the 59 languages ​​(and more) available in the app, so you can search for word translations even offline quickly and effectively in a few moments. Among the features that can be exploited offline, there is the one that enables Camera: its enough Frame text To view a file Translation From the same. As for the other app, Google Translate is also available for free for all Android and iOS devices.

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The application is currentlyListening to music and podcasts is part of many people’s daily activities, whether they work or simply commute from one place to another in the city – or, why not, even outside of it -. For services Streaming musicHowever, network coverage is required, or you have the opportunity to take advantage ofThe application is currently. For users Spotify There is good news. Actually, it is possible Download playlists Whole or Singles songs For offline listening. To do this, you must sign in to a file Premium subscription; For these types of users, the maximum number of music / audio tracks that can be saved to your device is 10,000 units, and certainly a large number, clearly linked to capacity Storage space From your smartphone, tablet or computer. Spotify is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, PC and Mac.


The application is currentlyAgain, it is a streaming service but it is dedicated to video content. We are talking about the very popular platform Netflix Which, like its musical counterpart, allows you Download movies, TV series, and any other kind of content Available on your device so you can see it when the connection is very slow or unavailable. The feature is available for i Standard and Premium plans (That is, to be left out is only the one called Base, which is the cheapest). Once you select what you are interested in, just click on the button Download And continue saving to your device. Available for Android and iOS, the app also allows you to choose the disk space to allocate for downloading these contents. Attention, however: i The content is only available for a specified period of time (You can see the information next to the title once the download is complete.) Passed, you will need to download it again.

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Amazon Kindle

The application is currentlyAfter purchasing a the book In the digital version on one of the major online stores, you might want to be able to read it anywhere, no matter where you are – and above all – even without the internet. Here this Amazon Kindle It allows you to download titles added to the Caller User’s library so you can rely on them at any time. The app is available for Android and iOS, as well as PC and Mac. Sync content On all devices in order to make it available everywhere. To retrieve it using the offline app, just visit Library department Click the download item, choose the book and start your journey through the virtual pages of your address.


The application is currentlyIt is among the apps dedicated to Collection of notes, links, and images Most popular and longest-running. We are talking about Evernote Which, even without the availability of the Internet, allows its users to save notes in the available folders, so that they can be re-read and re-organized according to their needs. Once you return to internet coverage, whether it is portable or fixed, the contents included in the app will automatically sync to all other content Devices linked to the main account, Based on those available in The subscription plan has been subscribed. Evernote is available for both desktop, PC and Mac browsers, as well as for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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