The best photography gear for adventurous vacations

If for some it is not a vacation without the sea, the beach, deck chairs and an umbrella, then for others it is something completely different: exploring unknown places, in the wild It is often difficult to access and inconvenient. Today, both types of vacationers take it for granted that, even before leaving, they will do a lot during the holiday Memorial photos and videos.

But the equipment for Tourist A is not at all the same as what Tourist B needs: the former may also be satisfied with taking photos and videos with a smartphone, or at most with a digital mirror, and the tourist cannot do without it. Action CamAnd GimbalAnd selfie stick NS tripod stand.

They will both find a small portable external hard drive very useful, for transferring photos and freeing up storage space on other devices.

Adventure Vacations: What You Need

Definitely the most important tech tool for an adventurous vacation Action CamAny small but durable camera, waterproof and lightweight. Thanks to action cameras, it’s easier and less dangerous to take pictures and videos: ordinary digital cameras run the risk of breaking even with more water splashing than usual.

Undoubtedly, the most famous name among action camera manufacturers is GoPro, which now has a really complete set of hardware and accessories to add to those. GoPro products aren’t cheap, but they are reliable, long-lasting, and up-to-date with the latest technology available.

the GoPro Hero 9For example, it can record up to 5K resolution and take photos from 20 megapixels, and its capabilities can be expanded with additional lenses, additional flashes and screens, which, in turn, have the same characteristics of durability and versatility.

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The second useful camera for taking an adventurous vacation is 360 degree video camera, which can resume what we have in front of us and behind us. Thanks to these devices, it is possible to capture whole panoramic images in a photo or video field, from which it is possible to extract the part that looks most beautiful to us.

Among the high-quality 360-degree cameras, there is still GoPRo but also Insta360, like one x2 which shoots at 5.7K, is equipped with a stabilizer, is waterproof to 10 meters, can be controlled by voice and is equipped with microphones for 360-degree audio capture as well.

A third camera useful for the adventurous traveler is “small cameraThis is a miniature camcorder that is smaller and lighter than the other two. In this case the quality and capabilities are lower, in fact these devices are usually used as a secondary camcorder to add an extra viewpoint to the shot.

If we also want to use the smartphone for photography, it is very helpful to take a good photo on vacation Gimbal, i.e. a stabilizer that allows us to rotate the phone without rotating the hand or the wrist. However, for all types of cameras, both selfie sticks and tripods.

I selfie stick We all know them and the only recommendation, in case of an adventurous holiday, is that they are many Very strong and long. I tripod stand On the other hand, the best ones for this type of recess are the small ones with articulated legs: they are not bulky and heavy to carry around with you and adapt to whatever surface they are placed on.

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As for the external hard diskFinally, storage and ruggedness should be preferred over everything else: videos take up a lot of space and harsh environments are dangerous for these sensitive electronic devices. There are special discs.bumpy, rough, toughDesigned to withstand shock, dust, and water splashes.

Tech Adventure Vacations: Tip

Before leaving for an adventurous vacation in nature, one last tip: stop and think before closing your bag. All the devices we’ve talked about so far are small, comfortable and light, but Not necessarily all that is required.

These are also very expensive hardware and accessories, which we can lose or someone may steal from us if we are not careful. take it with you Lots of equipment During an adventurous vacation, this can become a drawback, a burden rather than an additional possibility.

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