The big upcoming game is exclusively confirmed

The Xbox Series X has taken on another great exclusive game, or another big and upcoming game in particular the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console exclusively confirmed. Last July, developer GSC Game World finally revealed Stalker 2 During the Xbox Games Showcase. At the time, the game was announced for PC and Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S, but it was unclear whether the game would be exclusively console for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

On Twitter, a developer at GSC Game World confirmed that the game is coming to PC and Xbox Series X, when a fan wonders about the PS5 version of the game. Now, it is not clear whether this console uniqueness is permanent or out of date. Normally, such third-party exclusions are out of date rather than permanent, but at this time, this particular detail has not been explicitly confirmed.

Unfortunately, although the developer provided some definite details on the platform, they did not provide anything about the release date, which means the game is still without a release date. In fact, it doesn’t even have a launch window right now.

Although the PS5 did not receive the Stalker 2, at least not in the boot, it had its own great features in the pipeline, and by most measurements, the best array of exclusive titles Harrison Forbidden West, Final Fantasy16, Ratchet & Clang: Except for a split, And new God of War. Compared to some of these topics, Stalker 2 It may not seem very substantial, but the first game is not only a cult-classic, it’s a long-awaited sequel, and it’s more remarkable than many of the features that come out of the Xbox Game Studio.

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