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An Apple Music subscription also includes the option to save your music tracks to your iCloud Library so they can be accessed on all your personal Apple devices. However, you should note that your computer must be authorized to play these addresses. This happens independently of using Apple Music and requires a separate registration.

As a rule, the lack of permission can only be observed when using a new computer and tracks from your library stored in iCloud fail to play, while songs from Apple Music can be played without any problems.

On a Mac, you’ll find the option to authorize your new computer to play iCloud media in the Music app and there in the Account menu. If you authenticate yourself here and allow the computer to connect to it, everything should work as intended.

Authorize Forgotten Computers

In the mentioned list there is also the option to deauthorize a computer. This makes sense because a maximum of five computers per user can access iCloud content – an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple TV is not considered a computer.

If you missed logging out of old computers and you are already at the limit, you can log out of all computers that are activated to run via the Account menu and there in the Account Settings … area and start over from scratch.

Up to 100,000 songs of your own in iCloud

With an Apple Music subscription, you have the option to store up to 100,000 of your music tracks in iCloud Music Library. This does not include tracks purchased from the iTunes Store.

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If you don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music, you can still do that iTunes compatibility Book with Apple and pay a flat rate of €24.99 per year to use your iCloud Music Library.

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