The “Contact Windows Support” scam goes back to computers

A known scam displays a fake alert page on Windows computers. The scammers then pretend to be the technical service to collect money.

The fake tech support scam is back. Since May 2024, scammers have been planting redirects to a Windows clone site claiming your computer has a problem. You may come across this page while browsing the web.

In our case, this came up after consulting the website of a major national radio station. Malicious actors can take advantage of a vulnerability in WordPress sites or insert their own scams into ad placements.

Fraudulent technical support page.  // Source: Numerama
This page appears while you are browsing the web. Source: Numerama

The page may display full screen, indicating that your computer is experiencing a crash. Don't panic, just press the “esc” button to exit the intrusive window.

Criminals want to trick their victims with a false security alarm. If the person calls the phone number that appears, the scammers will pretend to be Windows and claim that they will solve the problem quickly, for a sum of around one hundred euros.

“Rise in scams” preying on Windows

Contacted by Numerama, cybersecurity firm Vade confirmed to us that there has been an increase in tech support scams in recent months. The IP address hosts many of these scams has been defined By cybersecurity experts. The same campaign was monitored In Germany.

last march, American authorities The equivalent of 1.4 million euros in cryptocurrencies was seized from the wallet of a team of criminals specializing in fake technical support. The main victims are generally the elderly, so be sure to talk about this with your parents or grandparents.

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