The cushion that cools itself and feels comfortable in any position

With different supports for every position you can take during the night, the Vesta pillow allows you to sleep peacefully and protect your spine

The importance of a good night’s sleep is so relevant that it has attracted the attention and concerns of many companies, which were specifically born to find effective solutions to the problem. Among those there are Vista SleepWho invented prof Thermostat pad Able to ensure undisturbed sleep regardless of the positions taken during the night, while keeping the spine straight. Made of memory foam and consists of three layers with an air cell cooling system Carousel in Air quickly and keep moisture at bayFor a refreshing and comfortable pillow.

With regular measurements (65 x 41 x 14 cm), the Vesta Pillow was developed according to Indications By researchers at the University of Rochester, I summarized the need to ensure different support systems for the different positions that are alternated on the bed and sofa. Anyone interested in the pillow can book it here at an approximate cost 110 euros, A number that includes earplugs equipped with noise cancellation technology and shipping costs, with home delivery scheduled for next August.

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