The DB5 remake from Goldfinger is ready, and so are its gadgets

There are games, and there are Kids Games. This is part of the second category. In the words of Paul Spears, president of Aston Martin Works, this version of Sean Connery’s legendary DB5 is in Gold finger Even ” One of the most sought-after games ever made for 25 lucky buyers around the world” , As I promised.

The first version just left the workshops after 4,500 hours of ” Meticulous workmanship. »

« Not only is the DB5 “Job 1” another engineering feat, but it has also become the first DB5 built by Aston Martin in more than half a century.We were told.

Remember, the DB5 “Continuation” is an entirely new replica of the DB5 that appeared in the 1964’s Gold finger, James Bond III. Aston has made sure to take all the tools and make them practical (as far as possible …), by working with EON, the James Bond production company.

At 3.3 million pounds (or 3.65 million euros), it is true that we could be asking for a lot. Follow us on the following pages for a quick tour of the car and a look at all these popular gadgets in action …

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